Called to Serve

We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Have Arrived

Monday, February 1st, we entered the Missionary Training Center. We had a rental car that we got at the SLC airport and had arranged to return it in Provo. One of the Enterprise employees drove us up to the MTC. He pulled into the front of the complex and an "older" gentleman stopped us and started giving the Enterprise man instructions. He was real good and just followed all the directions, got us near our dorm where we unloaded all 6 suit cases and he left. No worry though because another little old man took us under his wing and led us to our room. After that it was just a long day of orientation.

They do not allow you to take pictures in too many areas of the MTC so we do not have many but just let me say one picture I would like to have is of the cafeteria. It is absolutely huge and usually filled with some of the most clean cut and cute young men and ladies you could ever want to see. There are more than 2000 missionaries here at a time so they eat in shifts. The food is really good and I hope we don't leave here a few pounds heavier.

We started our classes the next day and what a full day it was. We have had some really cute young people teaching and leading us through a lot of role playing. This has been the hardest part for me. I do NOT like to role play. Most of the time I have done a small part and then let Wayne do the rest of the talking.

Tuesday night we had a devotional. It was so awesome to sing Called to Serve with all those missionaries. Richard Hinckley spoke and it was such a good talk. He spoke about how to keep from making your mission a Groundhog Day one. You know the movie where everyday was exactly the same. He gave some really good thoughts.

Wednesday and Thursday were filled with more of the same classes. Friday was a little more special - not just because it was the end of the Preach My Gospel lessons but it was the day that my Auntie Caye teaches a class. I had hoped that we would be able to be in her group but she said she would fall apart if we were in her class so she asked not to be put with us. We did see her though and we ended up going to the Olive Garden for dinner with she and Carol Ann.

Since Friday was the last day that we would all be together as a group we all got together for a picture at the end of the day. We had 56 people in our group. There are 2 doctors who will be mission medical advisers in Chicago and Brazil. We have about 6 people going to the Philippines to do employment and humanitarian missions. Others are going to Denmark, South Africa, Kenya, Armenia, Samoa, Spain, Boston, and Louisiana. Wonderful people, every one.

Today is Saturday and we have an entire day to do what we want. We did our laundry this morning and then we walked on down to the BYU campus. We went to the bookstore but it was mainly to look since we don't have any room in our luggage for anything else. I did make sure that I got some BYU mint brownies to bring back with me though. We saw some posters for the Young Ambassadors and so we figure we can go to a performance next week when we have 3 days of no plans before flying out.

Well this will probably do it for another week. There isn't really a lot to blog about yet. We are anxious to get to Guam so we can start taking a few pictures to post.


Laura said...

It's really fun to hear how you are doing!

Linda said...

Sounds like you are enjoying things. You and Wayne looked very official with your black name badges.

Can't wait to hear what it is like upon your arrival in Guam.

Corey & Annaleesa said...

YEah for Pictures!! I can't wait to follow you through your mission.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you will be blogging and we can follow your mission.

Robin said...

We love the pictures and the insight into what goes on the first days of a mission. Keep the posts coming.
Dave and Robin Shepard

Elizabeth said...

You make me excited for the day that Jared and I will get to go on a mission. What great examples you are! I am so excited to see and read about all of your new adventures! Stacy came over last week and held the baby while I finished cooking dinner. She was a lifesaver! Keep the updates coming!