Called to Serve

We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mission Office and Missionaries

I have realized that I have a lot of pictures that we had planned on posting but they just never seemed to be added so I am going to download a bunch and just do some quick identifying. I will do a few each day and maybe I can catch up after a few days.

This first picture shows the Barrigada Branch building on the left and our Mission Office on the right. Love those palm trees and there are Plumeria trees everywhere - they smell so good. The sisters like to pick up blossoms and them put in there hair before going into meetings.

When we have Zone Conference the parking lot is a sea of silver.

Guam Zone

Sister Anitema from Australia, Sister Jungblut from Hawaii and Sister Roberts from US. This was just before Sister Roberts headed for home.

This was the baptism of Susan Cudiamat. She is one of our Institute students and is FANTASTIC. There are three sister missionaries in the picture and the others are Susan's friends in the Branch. Of course everyone is Susan's friend!!

How many missionaries does it take to synchronize the clocks?

Since we deal with several different time zones we have clocks to show the times there and back home.

This is Elder Cook, one of the office Elders. He handles all travel arrangements and the ordering of supplies.

This is our other office Elder who moonlights as a barber. Elder Walpole will be going home next month and we will be so sad to see him go. He is an amazing young man. Elder B. Wood is getting his hair cut - we have two Woods.

This is the scene outside of the Mission Home on the evening of our Farewell Testimony Meeting. Not everybody was there yet so think double the shoes.

Sister Wingate, Sister Pikula, Sister Koivi from Papa New Guinea and Sister Anitema on the floor. There were 5 other sisters out of view.

The Elders were all on the other side of the room. Again, there are about 5 more Elders out of view. There was a total of about 35 missionaries present. We could have accommodated that many more. The mission home is huge.

Refreshments were served after the testimony meeting. The kitchen is also huge.

The testimony meeting was one of the sweetest I have ever attended. It was meant to be a time when the 15 missionaries who will be leaving have the opportunity to bear their testimonies. It ended up that just about all of the missionaries were able to say something. We have some of the strongest young people in our mission and I loved hearing them and feeling of their spirits. It will be very sad to see them go home but we have more coming in to take their place and I know I will feel the same about all of them.

Sister Pikula is the first to go. This was her last day in the field. She flies home to Salt Lake City tomorrow. As you can see, we are about the same size. She was so excited when we arrived because she had someone she could relate to. We have a lot of short little sisters here.


Lynn said...

Nice pictures and descriptions. The shoes reminded me of high school dances. We had to take off our shoes so as not to damage the gym floor and dance in our socks/stockings/bare feet. Finding the right shoes after could be quite a challenge!

Linda Nimer said...

I checked in this morning to see what you were up to. Nice to hear about all the missionaries.