Called to Serve

We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We just got back from a fun night at Institute. Last week I taught a few of the kids how to play Nertz. I figured that since there were only a few there (half the boys were at Scout Camp as adult leaders) we could play it again this week. When I said what we were doing, there were several exclamations of joy. They really did have fun and I love to see them get so involved. As I have said before, they do love to play games. We start our lessons out with some kind of a game or word puzzle. Some of them have been a bit too hard but they still seem to enjoy doing them.

Last week we had Zone Conference here on Guam. We had an excellent presentation by the Zone Leaders. I was impressed with their power point and they really covered some good materials with a lot to think about and implement in the work here on Guam. President Dowdle talked about not focusing on the problems of the investigators (transportation, Word of Wisdom, chastity, etc.) but help them to feel the spirit, gain a testimony and experience that mighty change of heart. When that happens, then the people will take care of the problems themselves. He reviewed what Richard Heaton had taught when he was here - making your companionship a threesome and teaching with the Spirit. It was a very good day.
Last week we sent another Senior couple home. This is Elder and Sister Zaugg and their friend Yang. The Zauggs returned to Utah. That leaves the Clarke's and Sister Miyazaki. We are really hoping that we will have more Senior Couples coming to serve here but we do not really think that anyone will be coming. Before we get someone here, we need couples to do Seminary and Institute on two of the other islands. We will be losing two more couples in the Fall.
This is a picture from the Boonie Stomp that Wayne went on last Saturday. There is a group that meets every Saturday to hike somewhere on the island. They have a website so you can check beforehand on where the hike will be done. They rate the hike as to difficulty. This hike was rated medium and I am glad that I did not go with Wayne. He said it was really rough. I will wait to do an easy one with him.
A view from the top of the ridge.

There were wild orchids all along the trail.
There was a rock that had graffitti from 1929.
They came across the ruins of a World War II operations base.
Looking back through my postings, I realized that I did not post pictures when we lost our group of 14 missionaries. 13 of them spent the night at the Mission Home before their departure (one elder had family that flew to the island where he was serving and spent a week being tourists before he went home). This is half of them just sitting around waiting to go to the airport. They all seemed to be a bit reluctant to go and held off as long as they could.
Elder Walpoles parents came to tour his mission with him before he went home. They were on Guam for several days and then left for Yap. I know Elder Walpole was very excited to be able to return to the area where he spent most of his mission. He learned Yapese so well that he will be working with the church doing translations back home in Utah.
This is our group of 12 Elders and the lone sister. Sister Kanakorn was returning to Thailand, the majority of the Elders were headed for Utah. It was so hard to say goodbye to so many at once. We will really miss all of them.


Lynn said...

Hi Libby!
My family and my YA boys' friends all like Nertz too. It was fun to read your post about it.

In one of your pictures you really remind me of Aunt Lila. I suspect you and she look like your grandmother, who of course I know as Aunt May.

I think most of Grandpa's kids got a lot of the Underwood look from Helen, but we are a mix. At one point in my life I looked a lot like a picture of Aunt May. Now I look like Grandma sometimes and sometimes like Mom.

Enjoy the heat and humidity! I am in Iowa and it is hot and humid and I am loving it!

Robin said...

Hello, from the Shepards!! It is so fun to read about your adventures with all those amazing missionaries. Maybe you could bring one home for Brooke when you come. Summer is steaming along here. We are VERY excited today becaue it is only going to be 99 degrees. Keep up the good work!
Dave and Robin