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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week Two of the Visit

I am still working on getting pictures posted of Mom and Dad's visit. The second week was not as full of sight seeing but here are a couple of things that we did.

We had been wanting to take the Submarine Ride but had not had a chance yet. Now was the time!!

This is the Atlantis submarine. We went for a ride 40 meters under the sea. We had to take a boat out of the bay to get to where the sub was coming up from its previous tour. While we disembarked at one end another group was transferring from the sub to our boat to return to dry land.

The only way to get in was straight down. We all did quite well on the ladders and I was glad I had decided to wear pants instead of my usual skirt.

It was just like riding the submarine at Disneyland only we were actually deep down in the water and we saw lots of real fish. I looked for Nemo but could not find him.

Another day we took Mom and Dad to Agana to see the old relics. This was in Latte Park. These are original latte stones that were transferred from a site down south. They have developed a nice park for them to be displayed in.

These two pictures were taken in the Plaza de Espana. These are remains from the Spanish period on Guam and they would have been here when Dad was here in the 40's.

Our last "tour" was to the Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World. Unfortunately, the only tour left for us to take at short notice was a Japanese one. Since we could not understand anything that was being said, we were left on our own to identify the trees that we saw. We did have a nice little brochure that showed the fruits on the farm and a couple of times the tram stopped to let people get off and walk to the trees. At those times the driver would come back and tell us about the spot we were in. It was a chance to see all the many things that are grown on Guam.

Friday, the 27th, was time for good-byes - again. I was thankful that at least this time my Dad was coherent and I knew that he is okay. We put them on the plane with worries about a long flight and a hassle getting through customs in LA but they did great. They called as soon as they got home and all was well.

So now it is back to business as usual. Just in time to see new missionaries arriving and "old" missionaries preparing to return home. Life goes on.

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Laura said...

It's so interesting to see what you are up to. I feel like I am getting a taste of Guam!

I got to hold your sweet baby granddaughter Sunday :) We were in Clovis 7th for Joey's talk.