Called to Serve

We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank Goodness Nov. 2nd Is Over!!

When we first moved here 9 months ago (our half way anniversary was Nov. 1st) we saw this sign everywhere.

We soon learned that it was a vote 2010 sign.
Soon more signs joined it. Every month more and more signs. By October our roads were lined with them. Several months ago we started seeing ads appearing on TV for different political candidates. The Governors race got especially dirty. Accusations were being flung left and right. We have found politics here in Guam quite interesting. Family connections are very important and a lot of the candidates made sure that their connections to certain families was well publicized. By last week we were really tired of it all.
Election day turned out to be the biggest day of all. The streets by the polling places were lined with supporters. They had tents set up with bar-b-que and other goodies. In some places the traffic crawled because they spilled out into the street.
Not a real clear picture but this was one of the areas that barely one car could get through.
In the end, these were the winners. At least Calvo's signs have already been taken down. I can hardly wait until the rest are cleared away.

With that taken care of, I will now go on to a couple of activities from the past week. As Halloween neared I began to think of the great Ward activity I would be missing at home. But I was surprised to find out that our little Branch was actually going to have a Trunk or Treat activity. It was simple but had a good turn out and was fun.

This little elephant is our darling Sky. Since I have to be away from my grandchildren Sky has to be my surogate grandchild. We love him to pieces.

I volunteered the missionaries to do a Go Fish booth. I figured we would rotate helpers but four of them ended up manning the booth the whole evening. Even the adults wanted to fish.

The pumpkin bowling was a big hit with Sky. He kept going over and picking up the cups to hand them to people. Everyone else just threw small pumpkin gourds at the cups.

Instead of a cake walk they had a cupcake walk. The winner got to decorate their own cupcake. As you can see, young and old had fun with it.

The young women did face painting. Some of their work was really good.

This is one of our Institute students. He is one of the quieter ones!!

After refreshments of Subway sandwiches, chips and drinks, there was costume judging.

Some were creative in decorating their vehicles for the Trunk or Treat.

The missionaries didn't want to be left out so they sat in their trunk and handed out Restoration pamphlets. A good ending to a fun night.

This was our Institute class last week. We had 19 show up for class. That was great since we had been asked to take pictures of the class that night for a project someone is working on. This week we were back down to 10 students. Our number fluctuates back and forth but we have a great time no matter how many are there.

Like I said in the beginning, we are now half way through our time here and we just cannot believe it. We keep saying where did the time go. The weeks just go by so fast. We are loving our time here and look forward to the next 9 months.


Margo said...

Just the other night I was thinking about how you were halfway done, WOW!

Lynn said...

That is awesome. We did a trunk or treat but it was a really cold evening. Our ward did an indoor carnival with similar games to the ones you showed. The elders were there (six of them!) with investigators, so I made sure they got a treat before I headed out to my car for the "trunk" part of it.

Renee Hart said...

I hadn't read your blog for a while so it was really fun to catch up. I love reading it. We are so glad the the elections are over here too. What was driving us crazy were all the phone calls from everyone and their dog!We'd come home from work and there would be messages galore. So annoying.
Your Trunk of Treat looked very familiar. The Young Women were in charge of our ward's fishing booth. It was very fun.
We'll be thinking of you at book club this Thursday. Did you get a chance to read our selection for this month? Nothing to Envy. If not, I would highly recommend it.