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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hikes to the Anao Coast and Setti Bay to Sella Bay

During the month of February I went on two beautiful hikes.
At the beginning of the month the hiking group went to Anao
on the northwest coast of the island.

It started off with a half mile hike through the jungle.

We then arrived at the edge of the plateau and
could look down 500 feet to the coastline below.

Once at the coast we could explore up or down the shore
for some spectacular views. The trail was on very sharp
volcanic rock covered with a beautiful carpet of ground cover.

There were lots of beautiful views and I only have
several of them shown here.

This ground cover seemed to survive everywhere
even though there was no soil to be seen.

All along the coast there were great spots like this and I would
have taken more pictures except my camera started acting up.

Several weeks later the group went to Cetti and Sella
bays on the southwest coast of the island. This is not
far from the place that Ferdinand Magellan landed and
had the first European contact with the native Chamorro
people in 1521. This hike had its ups and downs. We
hiked down and then up the first big hill and down and
then to the top of the second hill with the tree at the top.

Almost to the top. You can even see the rope
near the top to help us up the steep slope.

We were rewarded with a great view of Cetti bay.

Once at the beach we stopped for lunch and some in
the group went snorkeling. After our rest break we hiked
north along the beach till we reached Sella Bay.

Hiking along this remote section of beach was quite peaceful
and serene. A nice break from the faster pace in central Guam.

At the head of the bay is a bridge that was built by the
Spanish in the 1600's. The car is now just a 40 minute
hike up the hill. My camera quit for good on this hike
and the last several pictures were taken by other hikers.
My new camera should be here next week.

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Dad said...

It is
interesting to see your Hicking pictures and recognise your poles as those that you had me ship over to you. Keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you.