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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

I know it will be a shock to a certain blog watcher, but I am posting again in less than a week. I decided I need to try posting more often then it is not such a long thing to read.

We have had a really good week filled with a variety of activities. As posted previously, the Kjars arrived at midnight on Saturday. The picture I posted was not real clear and I wanted to show what a wonderful couple they are so here is a picture of them in the Mission Office.

The Kjars were in Guam for 5 days. Sunday and Monday they had the use of a vehicle and they did a few things on their own but the rest of the time they did not have transportation so we tried to plan some things that would fill their time a bit. They had a meeting with the Seminary and Institute Director Tuesday morning and then they came to the office to use the wi-fi and Elder Clarke helped them set up their SKYPE. They had been walking in the mornings with Elder Clarke and Elder Kjar was wanting a hat like his. Even at 6:30 in the morning the sun is a little harsh on the head - especially if there is not much hair there. We went shopping for the hat and then took them to our favorite noodle house for dinner.

Tuesday we started training for the additional duties we are taking on in the office. The Office Elders are being transferred out and we will do everything that they now do. Elder Adams has been working with us a little each day and I am feeling confident that we will be able to do this. We will be on our own for two weeks but then the couple that will replace us will be arriving and the four of us will be working in the office for two months. By that time they should know if they will be able to continue without the office elders. I hope this works out because it will allow the elders to concentrate on proselyting more. I have really enjoyed getting to know the elders that have been in the office and I will miss that but they had a lot of down time and I have a LOT of down time so this should be good.

Wednesday we took the Kjars to the Central District with us to do housing inspections. After hearing about the condition of the houses and cars on Pohnpei, we were happy that we would be able to do some hands on training with the Kjars who will be doing the inspections on Pohnpei. Sister Kjar was pointing out the dirt in the corners under kitchen cabinets so I know that she is going to get the missionaries busy.

Wednesday evening we took the Kjars to Chamorro Village for dinner and show. It is always more fun when we can go with others. We were able to show them some of the cultural things of the island they will be going to. It is a beautiful island and I know they are going to have some great experiences there.

Thursday we did housing inspections in the Southern District and Friday we went up to the North District to finish up.

In the Zone Leaders apartment I noticed this white board. You may not be able to see it all but they were making their predictions for transfers. This seems to be a fun pastime of the missionaries. We have seen various methods of tracking their predictions. It is always interesting to see if they guess any of them. We will find out this coming Thursday.

After three days of inspections, the winners are............ the entire Central District. It was a three way tie. Even with our tie breaker questions (when did you last wash your sheets, towels, etc.) it was too close to call. We are so happy with the efforts that are now made on the apartments.

I thought I would throw in a picture of the craft that is going around the islands. This is a purse made out of the plastic grocery bags. After visiting the Mission in May, Sister Christopherson sent Sister Dowdle samples and directions for a tote bag. Several of our Senior Sisters have taught classes on their islands and all of the Senior Sisters here on Guam have been making them. I have one large tote, this purse and two small bags for the grandaughters. I have the missionaries saving bags for me now. I discovered that what I thought was a double crochet stitch actually is a single so my bag does not look like what others are doing but I like the tighter stitch and will continue to do it wrong. We had asked for double bags one night at the grocery store and told the checker why I wanted them. She wanted to see the tote and so Elder Clarke took it in the next day, along with a copy of the instructions. She now has a bag half done. Everyone seems to be amazed that you can make the totes out of the bags. Fun project.

Saturday we had a lunch meeting for Seminary and Institute Inservice. I wanted to take a picture of the Seminary teachers in our Stake but they had come casual and the ladies did not want their pictures taken so I just took a picture of Freddie Nicerio - our Co-ordinator. Freddie does a wonderful job of running the S&I program here in the islands. We are grateful for all that he has done. His job is a full time one which requires him to travel to the islands, he is the Bishop in the Dededo Ward and has three young daughters. A very busy fellow!

Saturday night was our Scout Spaghetti Dinner and Dessert Auction. Attendance was less than expected but it turned out to be a successful auction.

They picked the perfect auctioneer. Brother Del Valle was so good. He is Puerto Rican so with that wonderful accent he has he proceeded to make jokes and pull out high bids from the audience.

This was the first item that brought a bid that was over $100. There were one or two bids that won for $20 and $25 but most went for at least $50. Made it very hard for those who did not have the funds to participate. I had taken a tea ring that I bought at the bakery for $2.49. It was the back up if my pull apart did not work - which I thought it did not bake enough. The tea ring was the last item to be auctioned off and their was a bidding war between two people. When it got to $120, one of the bidders suggested that they cut it in half and each of them pay the $120. That tea ring went for 100 times its value! The activity is just a fun way for members to donate to our Scout troop.

Today is Mothers Day and it has been a good relaxing day. We enjoyed church - where they served spaghetti and lasagna after the meetings. All leftovers from the Scout dinner. We had a pleasant surprise when the Sisters knocked on our door and said they wanted to sing a song to me. Sister Koivi who is from Papa New Guinea taught some Pigeon to Sister Smibert and so they sang a Mothers Day song in Pigeon and English. It was lovely and I wish I had pulled the camera out to get a video. We had a SKYPE call from Jon's family in the middle of the song and so Margo and Caroline got to listen. We look forward to wishing all those at home tomorrow a Happy Mothers Day.

We also look forward to a full week coming up with lots of changes.

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Linda Nimer said...

A second post was a pleasant surprise.

Stacy was telling us about the shopping bag totes while we were walking one night. Do you want to share the instructions? Or do you want to wait and show us all when you get home?