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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scout Camp ala Guam

Several weeks ago I volunteered to help out at Scout
Camp for a couple of days, just days, I didn't stay for
the night. This was easy to do since it is only a 15
minute drive to get to the camp. Actually camp was
held on the property of a resort along the east coast
of the island.

There are nine troops on the island and seven troops
were participating in the camp. Four of the troops
were LDS. It was fun helping out, especially at a
camp on the ocean.

We had a great location right along the coast. This
is the entrance to the resort area where camp was

I checked in at the headquarters tent and then
searched for our troop.

I soon found our campsite

and was just in time to pose for a group picture.

I visited merit badge classes, this one was on
geo caching and was taught by Bill Davis.

The boys took a short hike and found two
caches in the area.

Here is a swimming class in the ocean.

I also helped record progress for a class in the pool.

This is our scoutmaster, Al Smith. He also serves
as Young Men's President and does a wonderful
job with all the young men.

Of course a day in Guam would not be complete
without a little rain. This lasted about ten
minutes then the sun came out again and the
weather was beautiful.

Just after the rain some of the boys had a beach
rugby game.

Daily activities resumed

and my two fun days at camp came to an end.


coltakashi said...

Looks like Tumon Bay to me. When I worked in the Air Force I had several week long trips to Andersen Air Force Base and on one trip stayed at a hotel on the beach at Tumon. One evening when I came into the room I was startled by a conch shell moving across the floor. It turned out to be a coconut crab that had snuck in while the maid was making the bed. I think 90% of the shells I picked up on the beach were inhabited by hermit crabs or their bigger cousins.

The bay there is a mile wide stretch if crystal clear and shallow warm water, like an immense swimming pool. It is a lot more fun going into the water there than at Waikiki. And of course the snorkeling in the water on the far side of the protective reef is fantastic, like being immersed in a Sea World aquarium.

For me, who served a mission in Japan, a lot of the fun are the shops catering to the Japanese tourists.

coltakashi said...

When I was visiting Guam 15 years ago the mission had its own radio tower for communicating with missionaries on ither islands. Is that still in use?

Libby Clarke said...

The Scout Camp was at the Tongan Resort on the other side of the island from Tumon Bay. Beaches there are more rocky.

The mission no longer has a radio tower. With the advent of cell phones, etc., communication is a little bit easier. However, we have lots of times when we can not get reception.

Evan Excell said...

Looks like fun! You guys have had some wonderful memories and done so much for those in Guam. Good luck in getting home, after touring the "rest of the world!"

E/S Excell inBoston