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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Jinan - City of Springs

Jinan means "City of Springs" and it lives up to
that title.  There are almost 100 springs, many that
produce thousands of gallons per minute.  Outside
Baotou Springs is this sign that states "The best
spring in the world".  It very well could be.  It is
only about a 20 minute walk from our apartment.
The bridge I am standing on was built about 500
years ago.


These springs are natural artesian springs that flow
underground from the nearby mountains and bubble up
into the pools that have been developed over hundreds
of years.  The water then empties into a series of canals
that was once a moat that circled the wall around the city.


 This picture shows a battle that once took place in the
city and you can see the inner wall with the moat around
the outside.  The inner wall is about one mile on each of
the four sides.  Today the wall is gone but the moat has
been developed into a beautiful recreational area for the
city to enjoy.                                                                                                                                       

Some springs flow up right in the center of the canal
others have been developed into the sides.

This is Black Tiger Springs.  The water flows out of the
mouths of three tigers.  Residents come to the springs
to collect the pure water to take home to drink.  No
one in China drinks the tap water so this is a free
source of clean water for those that live near enough.

Last Saturday we went to 1,000 Buddha Mountain
with David and Zina Cox, two other BYU teachers
in Jinan.  I can walk to the entrance in about 40
minutes but we took a 5 minute bus ride (15 cents

On our way to the bus stop I found a snack I couldn't
refuse, egg on a stick.  Actually 5 small eggs cooked
onto a stick. 

We even rode the lift part way to the top of the
mountain to check out the view.

The air was thicker than usual that day so the view
was not very good.

There are several wonderful parks with nice trails 
all within 10 minutes walk from our apartment. 
Here are a few pictures from some of my walks.  
A couple are also from the central square and huge 
shopping mall near Baotou Springs.


Man practicing calligraphy with water in the park.

Morning exercise - 6:30 AM

There are also a few very interesting streets to
explore in the downtown area.  Fun!


Dad & Mom said...

Great collection of pictures. Wish we were there with you. Keep them coming.

Linda Nimer said...

I was getting ready to start my blog for tomorrow when I noticed a comment from Libby from last week. Of course, I had to pop over and see what the two of you were doing.

It sounds a lot more exciting and busy in Jinan than it does here at Cove Fort. Sounds like you are enjoying all the new sights and experiences. It would be nice if the travel group could make it over to China while you are there -- I am definitely game.