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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oregon or Bust!

After many years of listening to Mom and Dad report on their visits to Marco and Lorries we decided that we would ride along with them this year. We originally planned on going during Spring Break (I was a working girl then and had to take
vacation when the kids did) but there was a snow storm and Lorrie said not to come. It seems they go without power when there are bad storms. Disappointed at not being able to go as planned, but glad not to be driving in the snow, we rescheduled for July 3rd. By the time we finally left Jeannie and Kerry decided to follow us up .

Our first stop was to see Ronnie and Ginger in Cedarville, CA. What a neat experience. I had not been to visit them since about 25 years ago. Shame, shame. The town of Cedarville has one main street. There are two tiny grocery stores, one restaurant and a few miscellaneous businesses. The gas station recently closed down because of the rising costs. Ronnie lives about 1 1/2 miles from the "town" area. It is very close to the hills and very scenic.

Not far from Ronnie is a dry lake bed. We enjoyed taking the ATV's out riding there. The picture is of Jeannie and Kerry riding beside us. They of course have the picture of Wayne and I. I was driving our vehicle. Jeannie opted not to drive.

The girls had a great time playing cards. Jeannie had remarked on the "antique" deck of cards that Ginger had but they weren't old at all. Ginger likes to play solataire and it was just a very well used deck.

We had a great time just visiting and catching up with a brother that I do not see enough of. It was good seeing him in his own environment. I really learned a lot about him that I had not known.

From Cedarville we headed to Medford, Oregon. It was about a 3 hour drive and it was beautiful. We took our time and stopped for breakfast in a picturesque place named Lake in the Woods. It looked like it was a popular camping place.

I knew that Lorrie lived outside of Medford in a wooded area but I was really surprised when we got there. Her house is in a somewhat mountainous area and has a creek running along behind the house. They have 17 acres and are filling it with animals. They have goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, a Macaw and a couple of parrots. They have planted a garden and definitely are no longer city folk.

We went on a little hike the day after we got there and saw just how neat it is to live in the woods. We went along a river trail and up to a waterfall. Jeannie had asked Marco if there was poison oak (something that they have had a problem clearing off their own land) and he answered that there wasn't any because there was not enough direct sunlight for it to grow. On our way back down the trail he discovered that yes there was enough sunlight since he pointed out some poison oak just off the trail. Thankfully we had not touched it.

The next day the girls took a little trip into Ashland and then met the guys for lunch at a really good Mexican restaurant. Marco then took Wayne and I all over town looking at roofing jobs he had done. He is going to help us re-roof this fall and was showing us the different colors.

Before leaving Oregon we took a day trip to Grants Pass to go on a jet boat ride down the Rogue River. What a blast. We had a great guide and made a stop along the way for a wonderful Bar-b-que dinner. Everyone else had made the trip before but they all seemed to really enjoy it again.

We had a really good time and appreciate all that Lorrie and Marco did to make us feel at home. We look forward to their visit to Clovis for Thanksgiving and can't wait to make another trip up to Oregon. It was just a great time!

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