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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exploring We Will Go

Last Saturday we visited Latte Park in Agana. As you can see from the plaque, the latte is a Chamorro thing. They are big stones that they used as support for their houses. We had seen replicas of the stones all over town and never knew what the big deal was. We now know. The lattes that are in the park are originals that have been moved from a site out of town so that they can be preserved.

In the Latte Park there is a large hill that has tunnels from the Japanese. I thought about leaving Wayne in there but he found his way out.

Across the street from Latte Park is Plaza de Espana. The Spanish were originally on the island and there are a lot of remnants in this park from those days. This was the sight of the original governors quarters. This structure is the only part of the mansion that is left. It is a very large terrace where they supposedly hold events, such as coronations, even to this day. It was really sad to see the deterioration. It would be so beautiful if they kept up the maintenance on it.

This is the base of the terrace. It has a tile roof but a lot of the tiles are missing and the wood underneath is rotting. This is located in one of the main parks in town so you would think that they would take better care of it.

This little structure is the Chocolate House. The women would spend afternoons out here drinking chocolate.

This is a coat of arms on the wall inside of the Chocolate House. As you can see, the date on it is 1895. There was another one on the opposite wall that had color in it and was very pretty and well preserved. I guess Wayne did not take a picture of that one.

The tile is the original tile on a fountain near the terrace. The colors are still very bright and beautiful.

The fountain can be seen through the archway. This would have been the gardens.

There were several of these cannons on the grounds.

It is always so interesting to visit all the historical sights here. We usually spend part of our Saturdays just exploring and looking for more areas like these. On an island this small we just keep saying you can't get lost and we turn on any road that we have not already checked out. Even if we do not find a tourist worthy attraction we always have beautiful scenery to look at.

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