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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sea World Guam Style

Saturday we decided to check out the sea life in Guam. Our first stop was the Fish Eye. This is in an area named Piti. During World War II a bomb was dropped in this area. Most of the area is quite shallow but where the bomb landed there is a big pit and it has developed into quite a nice dive area.

Since we cannot do water sports, we took a hike out to the end of this long pier to experience the Fish Eye.

You enter into this little top knot and then descend 72 steps to an underwater chamber.
There are windows in a complete circle and you just watch the fish and the divers. The windows were a little dirty so it was hard to get good pictures. There was a lot of coral to see and dozens of different types of fish.

This is a butterfly fish. There were probably 6 different kinds of butterfly fish and they all looked different. The colors were gorgeous - blues, purples, oranges, etc.

When the divers came down you could tell where they were because the fish just swarmed around them.

When we went back up the stairs I had to take a break to get my breath back and Elder Clarke took that chance to talk to the lady taking tickets. He found out that her husband was baptized into the church when he was 14 but he does not go to church now. He is from Yap and his English is not real good. She is Catholic and she has tried to get him to attend her church but he says he is not comfortable there. Her understanding of the Mormon religion is somewhat limited and she seemed very eager to learn more. We got her name and number and passed it along to the missionaries. I hope they will be able to meet with them.

That same afternoon, we traveled up the coast (not very far though since this is a small island) and we went to the Underwater World. We forgot to get an outside picture but this is an aquarium that is in the middle of the busy, ritzy, tourist area. It is tucked in between hotels, the Hard Rock cafe and across the street from the Coach, Louis Vitton, etc. stores. We were not expecting a lot but we were pleasantly surprised. It was fantastic. Fresno should have something of this level.

After going through grotto like tunnels where you saw turtles and snakes you entered an underwater tunnel that was amazing. There was every type of fish imaginable.

You had sharks and manta rays swimming just above your head.

After the tunnels we went upstairs and they had several rooms full of tanks with different kinds of fish, lobsters, jelly fish, etc. We saw Nemo and all his friends.

At the end they had an area where you could touch starfish. I touched one of the blue starfish like we had seen in Palau to see if it was hard. It was. Wayne especially liked the shark jaw.

We find that when we go exploring we find lots of very friendly people. I think the name badges that we wear everywhere we go kind of makes people more open to talking with us. It is so nice that we have lots of other places still to explore. We will have to take a short break though because for the next week or so we will be moving . More of that later.

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Lynn said...

72 steps! Did you count them? That's quite a hike coming back up!

What is your mission? I know where you are, but not what you do.

The Word Verification thing says "ionessa" It sounds like a pretty girl's name.