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We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas in China

I was so focused on getting our Harbin trip on the blog that I forgot 
all about Christmas. The first sign of Christmas came shortly 
after Thanksgiving when this Christmas tree appeared in the 
lobby of the hotel where we go to attend church.

Soon stores and shopping malls started decorating and displaying 
merchandise.  We found decorations but no Christmas wrapping
 paper.  We eventually found some regular non-Christmas wrapping 
paper after looking for several weeks.


We were even able to buy a Santa suit for our English
 corner Christmas party - $3.50.  This next Christmas tree
at a big shopping mall is made of 2014 teddy bears!


Then other decorations began popping up outside malls and department stores.
We decorated a small tree in our apartment but really enjoyed the much nicer
ones all around us.  I especially liked going at night.

You could even visit Santa in his log cabin.  He was even there
 after Christmas until January 4th.

For our English corner Christmas party Libby made a bunch of
gingerbread houses and the students had a great time
decorating them.  You can see that they were very proud
of their creations.  Santa even made an appearance.

The girl on the right is Lulu, a medical student from South Africa
that is a member of our Branch. We really enjoy having her in 
our group at church.  

For Christmas Eve our BYU China Teachers
group was invited to sing at a local Protestant Church.  The other
choirs and groups looked much better than us us but we were
glad they invited us.  We even got to sing the Hallelujah  Chorus
with the choir and congregation.

 Even though we missed our family and
friends at home we still had a very nice Christmas celebration
with all our good friends in our Branch.  We had to teach on Christmas 
day but we were able to have a wonderful Christmas dinner after
church on the Sunday after Christmas.

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