Called to Serve

We have loved traveling and being with family for the past two years but we felt the call to serve another mission so here we are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the next year.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This is going to be totally out of order but here are the pictures taken over the last month.

At he beginning of March, we had a day that was absolutely beautiful with 74 degree weather.  These two pictures were taken the next day.  We have had cold, rainy or snowy weather ever since.

One of my favorite activities -Game Night with the Young Single Adults.

We have also had several Linger Longers.
Jill and Maddie are showing off their Walking Tacos.

We had interviews with President Johnson.  Sister Johnson gave a lesson about Jehosaphat and how he handled a stressful situation.  She pointed out that there was good instruction from this story that will help us to deal with stress.    We had a Cafe Rio knockoff lunch before our meeting and then took a picture of our District with President Johnson.  We were sad to lose Elder Ibarra the next week.  He has been very instrumental in getting our English class going and we will miss him.

Sad Day.  Our two Chinese sisters who were on loan from Temple Square had to return to their assignment there.  We got to host them over night and take them to the airport VERY EARLY the next morning. 

We took them to dinner at Al's Cafe which is just across the street from our apartment complex.  We discovered this is a fun and flavorful place for dinner.  The sisters enjoyed all the deer heads mounted overhead.

We had another group of new missionaries come in on February 27th.  Sister Christensen again prepared a wonderful lunch on the day of their training.

I finished my Wooden Spools quilt top.  It only took me 6 months.  Can't wait to get home and try out my new longarm on it.   I have all the material I need to start a new one.  We'll see if I can finish by August.
The creek behind the Mission Office rose to within 6" of flooding again.  All cars were moved up closer to the building just to be safe.

We got a flyer for a Scout Fundraiser at church one Sunday.  We decided to support them.  They had a great pulled chicken dinner and an auction for desserts and services.  I guess we are going to be going to a Pirates game since Wayne bought tickets.
This past week we held a couple of Zone Conferences.  Always looking for the best deal, Wayne booked us a room at Super 8 in Brookville.  We will not be returning there.  The bed was so soft and shook every time there was the slightest movement.  It is a good thing we are tall because I don't know if a short person could reach the toilet paper.  What were they thinking?

I neglected to take any pictures during the first conference and only got this one of Zone Leaders doing some training.  I always enjoy attending all three of the conferences.  The training is the same but I like hearing all the responses from the missionaries.  You really get different perspectives and they make some very insightful comments sometimes.

In Brookville, Sister Christensen tempted me to ditch the break out session and go to a quilt store.  I needed a few more fabric pieces for the quilt I am starting so I was very willing to go with her.

The shop was amazing.  It was a large store and it was filled in every possible space.  They advertise that they have over 9,000 bolts of fabric.  For someone who has a hard time making up their mind it can be a little overwhelming but I knew exactly what I wanted and had my fabric within 10 minutes.

Sister Christensen, on the otherhand, had no clue what she wanted and so I wandered the store for another 45 minutes waiting for her to decide.

                                                                                This last picture is a little hard to see.  It was taken out our window.  Sister Johnson has bird feeders in her back yard and she always has cardinals coming to perch on them.  Wayne decided he wanted a feeder for on our patio.
 We hung it and we did see a bird or two but I guess it is the squirrel that really likes it.  Some of the seeds fall on the ground if there is enough movement on the feeder.  I suspect that the squirrel climbs the fence and jiggles the wire the feeder is hanging from. 

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